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Mix your own cocktails

New Game: Drink Master

Do you think mixing cocktails fun to do? Let now show you mix arts! In a good bar cocktails made fresh by a good barman or barmaid. You mix all kinds of drinks together, with possibly some fruit and ice cubes, all go shake a shaker cup. Pour the cocktail then a celebratory glass with some straws and umbrellas, and your mixed drink is ready!

Mixing Drinks

Mix delicious drinks for your guests in one of the cocktail games. Do you know the perfect recipe for a Margarita, a Sex On The Beach or a mojito? It shows the liquor measure precisely, add the remaining ingredients such as sugar, syrup and mint leaves. then operate the drink at your guest. Customer First!

Drinks make games

There are many different cocktails, you also learn how to make a cocktail without alcohol. This you call Virgin cocktails. These usually consist of soft drinks, fruit juice and fresh fruit. In some games you can drink use cheats, read the comments on the games or they are available. The best game in this category is Bartender The Right Mix, herein you should try to shake the perfect mix. The jury is very strict, so a little patience you do need the right recipe.

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