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Shoot the bubbles

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Bubble Shooter is a very popular online casual game where you need to shoot bubbles. So you've Bubble Trouble 1, 2, 3 and 4. The bubbles bounce up and down, and you should try to avoid this. These bubbles are in fact dangerous and should not touch you. Play all the bubbles away in this game. This game you can play alone or in multiplayer variant (multiplayer download). Bubble Struggle and Breaker are also very popular games. Do not be fooled by the fast bubbles and shoot them down!

Shoot with a harpoon

Armed with a harpoon gun or can you try to tame the flying balls. You look like a tough shooter. If you manage to hit a bubble, the bubble becomes smaller and smaller until it finally disappears. Climb stairs, swim in a hidden room or run away as fast as possible. There are many strategies to avoid the danger. So always choose the correct position to hit the bubbles. When you shot everything, you go up a level and the threat of bubbles is increasing. There will be more and more, and they are becoming faster and more unpredictable. Then it will be a bubble struggle! What indeed is the name of another well-known game.

​​Avoid the bubbles

Be very fast, that's the only way to remove the many levels. Because in addition to the threat of flying bubbles, it is also the ticking clock that can cause problems. It is therefore important that you won the round in time. Charge your harpoon and shoot things off, but make sure you also move quickly. Play as from the field and score without losing lives next levels. Success!

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